is the first default dynamic IP address range for some Linksys routers. is a default IP address that is routinely used by router manufacturers such as Linksys, TP-LINK and Netgear. It is an IPv4 address and private IP address which is often used on local area networks.

One person can have one device on the network at the IP address and another person can have a different device on another network at the IP address, but neither of them can have two devices on the same network if both use the IP address.

This means the first computer (or other device) you attach to a Linksys router will typically be assigned the address by DHCP.
It is a part of reserved IP range for private uses. IP is not available on internet. If computer with this IP want to connect to internet it must be redirected through a router or another computer.To avoid address conflicts, do not use as a static IP address if it is also part of the router's DHCP range.

If you are part of some LAN or you have built your own LAN with Linksys router your computer can get assigned This address is a private IP address that you can assign manually (statically) to a computer on the local network.

Market fever for the social network

The year 2013 was a particularly good year for one year. The microblogging site with 230 million active users had successful review of its IPO on Nov. 7 . It has been known for a true market hysteria , the action ended , Thursday, Dec. 27 , the New York Stock Exchange at $ 73.31 , nearly triple its introduction value - 26 dollars (18.9 euros) .

Friday, December 27 , however, on the eve of some very hollow sessions before the new year , some have clearly chosen to " take profits ' share fell sharply , losing 13.04% and ended the session at 63 75 dollars. Publication on the same day , a note of Bank pointing a level judged as too high and believing that " nothing has changed in the past two weeks to justify the increase in recovery" has not helped.

Despite this bout of weakness , the capitalization of the company, founded in 2006 and is still based in the heart of San Francisco ( California ) , still reached more than $ 36 billion , or more than 60 times the number of anticipated by analysts for 2013 business . This makes just the most expensive Internet company in the U.S. markets . While she still has not posted a profit only !

For comparison , the capitalization of Facebook , the first social network in the world with 1.2 billion members , is only 13.5 times expected 2014 earnings. While the group is particularly profitable : in the third quarter of 2013 , it posted a profit of $ 621 million to just over 2 billion turnover.

In exchange, is now worth almost as much as Yahoo!, the Internet portal founded in 1994 , has certainly lost its luster but remains a top destination for surfers on the Web . Capitalization microblogging site also exceeds that of large companies such as Target distributor or cable operator Time Warner Cable. These three groups have nevertheless emerged in the third quarter between 300 million and 500 million dollars in profits .

Not only accounts are not in equilibrium but , worse , its losses widen quarter after quarter ( $ 69 million between January and June , against 79 million in all of 2012 ) . In fact, to support its exponential growth and withstand the intense competition lead him Google and Facebook , invests heavily in research and development and marketing. And the group hired. In the third quarter , its numbers have increased by 15 % to 2,300 employees. The first profits are not expected before 2016.